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The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising



The Scorange is the trophy awarded for the golfer of the season. First awarded for season 1997 it is presented to the member who has the highest average number of Stableford points during the season,

Why is it called the Scorange, because as representatives of the Advertising industry we endeavour to be original and as there is no word in the English dictionary to rhyme with Orange, Scorange it is.

To qualify a member must have played four singles rounds, should a member play in more than four rounds (there are a maximum of eight) only his best six will count and if he plays in seven then his best 5 will count and in five or six then his best four.

All rounds are qualifying rounds.

Winner has a recommended handicap cut for one year by the following: handicap 0 to 5 by .5, 6 to 14 by 1 , 15 to 20 by 1.5.

2017 Leaders after Autumn Meeting, with only the Winter Meeting in to go  -


Lionel Godfrey 4 33.5
Robin Frewer 4 33.25
John Farrell 4 33.25
Jim Yorath 5 32.6
Jim Brigden 4 31
Robin Shuker 4 29.75
Dan Hocking 4 29.25
John Parnell 4 29.25
Andy Byrd 4 29
Drew Nicholson 4 28.5

Click to view latest Scorange results 2017/18 (password protected)

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