Sun, October 24th, 2021

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising


Society Rules

  1. All individual members of the IPA and all employees of IPA member agencies are eligible to join the IPA Golf Society providing their golf handicap is a maximum of 18. Should a member leave an IPA registered agency, the member may retain membership. Committee members may, at their discretion and with approval of the other Committee members, invite a non-IPA registered agency employee to join the IPA Golf Society. However, at any point in time, a minimum of 80% of the membership must be with IPA Agencies.
  2. All new nominations of membership must go before the Committee.
  3. There is a subscription currently of £40.00 per year entitling members to play in all Society meetings. This subscription is payable by standing order by 30th January of each year to retain membership.
  4. On joining the Society members are obliged to pay £35 to cover the cost of a Society Tie.
  5. Any previous member of the IPA Golf Society may continue to play at all meetings held after their retirement.
  6. Guests may be allowed to play at the Invitation meetings only.
  7. The Committee shall consist of ten members of the IPA Golf Society who must be a member of an IPA registered agency or joined the Society as a member of one, to include the Captain, Vice-Captain, immediate past Captain and the Chairman.
  8. One member of the Committee must retire annually by rotation and may offer themselves for re-election.
  9. In the event of a Committee member resigning, the Committee have the right to co-opt a replacement. Any such appointee shall be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting.
  10. The Captain and Vice Captain shall be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.
  11. The Committee can propose the election of Honorary members for the approval of members at the Annual General Meeting. In each instance the committee will decide as to how long an Honorary membership will last.
  12. The committee may offer Life membership to any member who has been a member for a minimum of 25 years and the committee deems that they have supported the society on a regular basis. Life membership is at no cost to the recipient.
  13. All fully paid up members of the IPA Golf Society may attend the Annual General Meeting and are eligible to vote.
  14. The Committee appoints a paid Secretary who is responsible for arrangements at the three guest golf meetings under the direction of the Captain.
  15. The IPA Golf Society cannot accept responsibility for players’ valuables and their property.