Sun, October 24th, 2021

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising


Handicaps Rules

  1. Each competitor will play off their lowest recognised club or IPA Golf Society handicap, whichever is the lower.
  2. On joining the highest handicap a male member can have is 18 but can rise to a max of 20 through competition results and for women an entry of 24 rising to 28.
  3. After each meeting member’s handicaps will be adjusted depending upon their Stableford score. The standard scratch for the day will be the average of all scores recorded (The Committee reserve the right to remove any particularly low scores when calculating the average). A buffer zone of two points either side of the average will be set and then all those who are below the buffer zone will go up by .1 regardless of what their handicap is. Those above the buffer zone with a handicap of 5 or below will have their handicap reduced by .1, those with handicaps 6 to 14 by .2. For 15 and above it will be .3 per point.
  4. The committee reserves the right to reduce the handicap of a member outside point (3) above should they believe it is justified i.e. winning the Scorange- this would only apply for one season unless the above had reduced the handicap further or the Royds and in this case the reduction would only apply to the Royds competition and not other events.
  5. Where a members club handicap has risen through playing in his club competitions so that it is significantly above his IPAGS handicap, or his IPAGS handicap is significantly below his active club handicap, the committee will consider increasing his IPAGS handicap on presentation of his club handicap certificate.

Guidelines for this will be as follows:
If the IPAGS handicap is scratch to 5 the gap should be kept to 1 shot , 6 to 14 1.5 shots and 15 to 20 up to 2 shots