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The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising


Results 2004

Spring Meeting
Lionel Jackson Trophy (stableford) P Hollins 44
Mitchell Spring Trophy (gross) Chris Herd 71 Gross
Captains Day
Presidents Trophy Mike Clearey 75
Summer Meet
Mike Smalley Rose Bowl (stableford) Tim Brown 37
IPA Trophy (gross) Chris Herd 73
Maurice Napper Trophy (doggedness) Adrian Coleman 13 to 21
Past Captains
Jack Wynne-Williams Bowl Peter Hollins
Autumn Meeting
Mitchell Autumn Trophy (stableford) Lionel Godfrey 37
F John Roe Senior Salver (members 50+) Lionel Godfrey 37
D’Arcy Trophy (gross) Adrian Coleman 72 Gross
Royds Trophy Winner M Young & D Nicholson beat A Byrd & P Hollins 3 & 2
Winner of Scorange Mike Cleary